Monday, January 2, 2017

Happy New Year 2017!

Good riddance 2016! I am glad to see you go, but am devastated that my parents and my dog joined those whose lives were lost during your seemingly endless 366 days. As much as I would love to steal back my loved ones and bring them into this new year, I have to set my feelings aside -- for now -- and do my best to carry on, one day at a time.

So, Day 1 started with the Polar Plunge 🏊🏾‍♀️ I've been plunging with my running buddies every year since 2013. Over the years, our number has dwindled. Last year, I encouraged one of my BGR! Sole Sisters to run and plunge with me since our usual group decided to pass. The Mr. and the kiddos usually come too since we celebrate our plunge with breakfast at Beach Diner. This, however, was the first year that I have been solo. At first, I was pretty bummed, but chose not to wallow in self pity and, instead, "shifted the prism." I saw a new year with new beginnings and embraced the solitude. After all, here was the opportunity for the alone time I so desired and everyone always told me I needed. I took lots of pictures, even video, so I could look back on how I "survived" without the perceived security of familiar faces. I spent extra time in the water to reflect on the past year. I submerged myself three times in remembrance of my father, mother and dog. Every time the sting of the cold water washed over me, I acknowledged the pain of each loss and continued to kneel until I was ready to accept their absence. It was a liberating experience, so much so, that I went back to spend a little more time in the water, this time to celebrate the new year.

Oh! I also met a fellow blogger who asked to photograph me for her blog. I'm looking forward to reading her thoughts on the Polar Plunge.

After I got home, The Mr. prepared a traditional southern New Year's Day meal of Hoppin' John, collard greens and cornbread which was timed perfectly for my uncle's arrival. He was passing through on his way back home from visiting my grand/great uncle and stopped by to break bread with us. It was nice having family visit, even though it was brief. One of the thoughts that often triggered an overflow of emotions was that neither of my parents got to visit our new home.

By the time our visitor left and the children were down for the night, it was too dark for me to safely get any miles in for the IronKIWI 140.6 Challenge (more info to come). So, I ended the day with a little QT with my Christmas gift and the dreaded bike trainer for 10.17 miles powered by the first 17 songs in Act I of "Hamilton," because 20.17 miles was too much for me 🚴🏾‍♀️ Happy New Year!
Christmas gift from The Mr.: Fuji 2.0 LE - 2016
I survived Day 1, and I'm still smiling