Sunday, October 23, 2016

Be The Finish!

I have been participating in this race since 2010, but I never truly "got it." I mean, my mother was a cancer survivor, but I seemed to have repressed the memory of her battle, probably because there were so many other things happening at the same time (my parents divorce, my father's remarriage, and the loss of our home during Hurricane Andrew to name a few). I saw survivors at the races and heard stories of those we'd lost, but, for some strange reason, it never truly resonated with me until now.

2016 has by far been the most difficult year of my life. In the past 3 months, I lost both of my parents, and cancer played a role in their deaths. In honor of the DONNA's 10th Anniversary and in memory of family and friends lost, I am asking for $10 donations to help The Donna Foundation support families as we work to FINISH this disease. I am also taking part in the Inaugural Booby Trap Challenge. Let's make 2017 our best year yet!

The Booby Trap Challenge is the DONNA 10K, 5K and either the Full or Half Marathon

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