Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Transformation Tuesday

In January of 2016, I posted a picture of myself poolside after my first Adult Stroke Class and announced my goal to complete a sprint triathlon by May 2017. Sadly, there were other plans for my life. 

A couple months after my declaration, my father experienced complications after a stem cell transplant. After a nearly 3 month battle towards recovery, his body, literally, failed him. He died July 1st. Exactly 2 months after my stepmother called me about my father, my mother called to tell me that her time on this earth was limited. A few weeks later, I became an orphan. Just when I thought 2016 could not get any worse for our family, my beloved Pug (my original baby), died the day after Christmas.

I tell you all this, because, as crazy as it may seem, running kept me sane through it all. Those who follow my personal Facebook page have seen my effort, and my aunt -- my mom's youngest sister -- once asked me what I was running from. I didn't have an answer for her at the time, but have since discovered my reason. My mom was my biggest cheerleader, although virtually, and had often called me her "shero." I continued to hit the pavement, because I knew she would want me to. It's also where I felt/feel closest to God and converse with Him often. There's a point here, I promise you 🙂

Putting in QT on the bike trainer (Photo credit: My 5 year old)

January of this year, I renewed my goal of becoming a sprint triathlete. I put my Christmas gift on the bike trainer and started to rack up some serious miles. I even participated in a couple IronKIWI virtual events. Although, I did not reach my May deadline, I still achieved that sprint triathlon goal Father's Day weekend during the Life's A Beach Triathlon! 

A BGDB Shero (green/blue) and I (in red) heading into the water (Photo credit @SouthernStoneEvents)
Starting Garmin/Leaving Transition
(Photo credit @SouthernStoneEvents)
Sprinting Towards the Finish Line
(Photo credit @SouthernStoneEvents)

One of our local BGR! Ambassadors said, "We all have life circumstances . . ." In my case, I run to burn off the crazy! Stay encouraged friends!

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