Thursday, September 12, 2019

Camp Gladiator

Several months ago, during a trip to Walmart, there were tents set up at the entrance promoting Camp Gladiator (cg). Unable to avoid eye contact 🤣, I ended up having a 10-15 minute conversation with the gentleman there while one of his female associates kept me kids entertained (that probably sounded worse than it really was). I told him I’d seen a few of their camps around our neighborhood and had a handful of friends who were avid campers. My son’s behavior brought our conversation to an abrupt end, and I managed to “escape” with my wallet unscathed 😆

 The. Very. Next. Day, I picked my son up from school, and there were several silent auction items remaining after our school fundraiser. Guess what was sitting there just waiting for my bid… ? If you guessed a Camp Gladiator gift basket, then pat yourself on the back! I scored a free session, plus four free weeks of camp, a shirt, water bottle and sunglasses 😱 Well, in true me fashion, I waited 3 or 4 months to take advantage of this deal, because, kids 🙄 (pronounced: anxiety). Thankfully, I finally gave it a shot, and I am hooked❣️

Why am I telling you this? I’m glad you asked! Camp Gladiator is having an amazing deal! You can get four weeks of an amazing fitness program for ONLY $25 with my referral code (Psst, it's normally $189)! I just signed up, and I want you to JOIN ME! You in? Use my $5 off referral code: 3M1FZNG or click here to sign up.

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